Catering to Food Allergies at Your Wedding

In our experience, two factors play a large part in how memorable a wedding is—the food, and the company. This is why one of the biggest problems a wedding can face is when both of these two factors are at ends with one another, such as when a lot of people in your party have a food allergy.

Food allergies and other dietary restrictions are large and wide, and can include allergies to seafood, nuts, alliums (onions, garlic, etc.), gluten, and more. On one hand the bride and groom want to be as accommodating to everyone as possible, but on the other hand they are also looking to have their dream dishes put together in a menu that is completely memorable, and this rarely allows a lot of wriggle room for sacrifices in ingredients and preparation.

Luckily there is a middle ground that many other weddings have been able to find. First and foremost, although we think there are situations in which a couple can have the catering completed by themselves, this is not one of those cases. Professional caterers live and breathe food, people, and can creatively incorporate the many dietary restrictions people in the modern day have; leave this case to the professionals.

If you are having a self-serve style buffet, ask to have different dishes prepared and have them clearly labeled and separated. If possible, keep the food items for those with allergens on a different table or serving area from those without. The purpose of this is to minimize the risk of possible contamination, such as mixing of serving utensils or accidental mixing of the dishes.

If you are having a seated dinner, work out a system with your caterers that explicitly keep the preparation and serving of the dishes clearly organized. Work closely with you caterer to curate separate entrée items that are allergen-free.

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