How to Have Healthy Corporate Catering in NYC

Something we hear around in NYC when people talk about preparing for office parties is, “I could do catering, but I don’t want to serve unhealthy food.” In reality with corporate catering, NYC businesses have lots of control over what kind of food options will be offered to everyone, making it actually one of the most healthy and nutritious ways to feed the office. We know that corporate catering is a little bit tricky for people when they have dietary restrictions, but it is possible! Here are the steps:


Establish Your Nutrition Guidelines

Before you approach your NYC catering provider, check with the office and establish what the health and dietary concerns are. Does the office want to cut out red meat? MSG? With goals established, it is easier to see if your caterer can meet your needs, while also making sure that all health concerns are accounted for.


Consider Bringing In An Nutritionist Part-Time

Some caterers have a nutritionist that they work with who can help provide the expertise necessary to create health balanced meals even for office catering events. If healthy corporate catering is something that your office is passionate about, it might be worth having a designated nutritionist in the long-term. This way, there is a nutritionist who works closely your office who can over time learn about your company’s needs and can offer the best advice on how to reach those goals.


Discuss Cooking Methods

Well-versed NYC catering companies will be able to frankly discuss the best methods for preparing the food while still retaining health goals. Should we swap out deep-frying for baking? Would using a different oil be a better health alternative? No matter what, collaborating closely with your caterers will give the best possible results.

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