How to Have Healthy Corporate Catering in NYC

Something we hear around in NYC when people talk about preparing for office parties is, “I could do catering, but I don’t want to serve unhealthy food.” In reality with corporate catering, NYC businesses have lots of control over what kind of food options will be offered to everyone, making it actually one of the […]


Party Ideas for Easter

Easter is one of our favorite holidays that naturally make for a fantastic party. There are already established games to play, activities to do, and lots of flavorful and colorful things to eat. Easter parties are great for adults and children alike, and are the perfect excuse to catch up with family and friends.   […]


Catering to Food Allergies at Your Wedding

In our experience, two factors play a large part in how memorable a wedding is—the food, and the company. This is why one of the biggest problems a wedding can face is when both of these two factors are at ends with one another, such as when a lot of people in your party have […]


Catering Spring Parties for 2014

As winter begins to make way for spring, it is exciting to think about all the possibilities the warm season brings with it. Spring is one of the best times for dinner parties at home or outdoors, and the possibilities are literally endless. Casual dinners with friends and family, outdoor movie nights, or birthday parties […]


Wedding Meals: Smaller Can Be Better

When it comes to weddings, people usually ask two things: Is there an open bar? and What are they serving? You want your big day to be special, and your guests to have a great time. However, you’re not expected to provide a giant, 10-course dinner of hearty portioned meals. Smaller gourmet appetizers can make […]


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